Top Tip Tuesday – Using Voice Search on Google

Prabin     21 March 2017



Mobile is quickly becoming the most used device for search. And with voice search technology now included with most smartphones, the number of voice searches is on the rise as well. Is your business ready for the voice assistant age? Dion explains more in the video above.

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Optimise your web content for voice search by observing the following techniques:

  • Use conversational language when writing.
  • Structure content in Q&A format where possible.
  • Ensure your local listings are optimised, as most people use voice search to get information about physical locations they want to visit (e.g. “where is a coffee shop near me?”).
  • Target long-tail keywords instead of short-tail keywords; while people tend to use short-tail keywords when typing (e.g. “voice search seo”), they are much more likely to use long-tail keywords when using Voice Search (e.g. “How do I optimise my website for Voice Search?”).
  • Use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to mark up your site with snippet-friendly microdata that Googlebot can easily understand.
  • Make your website as mobile friendly as possible by improving your mobile site speed, breaking up your content into scannable chunks, incorporating a responsive design and spacing out buttons to make them “thumb-friendly”.

We’ll be back with more expert SEO tips in our Top Tip Tuesday series next week!

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Author: Prabin

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