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SEO-Friendly Press Releases

A great method to improve your search engine ranking is by building backlinks to your website. One of the best ways to do that is to publish SEO-friendly press releases.

The Difference between an SEO-Friendly Press Release and a Standard Press Release

A normal press release is generally used to let people know about something that has happened in your company, be it a new appointment, a large contract or something else newsworthy. The idea behind it would normally be to get into local and national press.

An SEO-friendly press release is constructed with a different purpose in mind. The concept behind an SEO-friendly release is to create maximum online exposure and distribution. There are multiple benefits of an online press release:

Backlinks – Creating a press release with backlinks, especially backlinks with keyword-enriched anchor text, can assist with search engine rankings

Press Release Rankings – Releases will improve your website’s rankings and can also rank in their own right, thereby giving webmasters additional channels from which to generate visitors to the website

It Must Be True – Your press release being all over the Internet and on some very high-authority websites gives it credibility, and a lot of potential customers will see it and subconsciously think: it’s written down, it must be true!

It Stays Online Forever – Once the releases have gone out, there will always be instances of it indexed in search engines

True Story – Pure SEO gained one of their largest corporate clients through an SEO-friendly press release.


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How can you use a press release?

There are a few different scenarios that you may want to use a press release for:

  1. Diversity of links
    Like I mentioned above, Press Releases will give you great diversity in your links and help prevent penguin penalties.
  2. A great report to give to your clients
    Clients love these reports because they look great. Your clients will have their name in hundreds of well respected publication and news channel affiliates like ABC, NBC, FOX and more.
  3. Online Reputation Management
    Many press releases tend to rank well, especially right away. These are great for ORM since there are hundreds of high authority websites with your target brand / name on them.
  4. Ranking the press releases

Some people use press releases as property to rank (just like ORM, but for non-reputation management type of niches).


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Recommendations For Ordering Press Releases

Here are our recommendations for how to order your press release:

  1. Every site should have at least 1 press release
    We recommend using a press release a part of a websites foundational links, or links that start a website.
  2. Order with only naked or brand anchors
    In order to avoid Penguin penalties, we recommend only using naked anchors or brand anchors.
  3. Include a link to an authority site or a 2nd property
    Press releases can include up to 3 links. We encourage linking to a non-competing authority site or another property you have (a Youtube video, a Facebook page, etc).

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a highly-ranked website is the commitment to continuously update information regarding your business activities and achievements. Pure SEO can write original, expert press releases on behalf of your company – no more badly-worded articles or dull tales! We will also subtly adjust the content to maximise traffic to your site. We understand how SEO works better than anyone else, so choose our specialists and together we can turn your vision into reality.

Find us at our downtown Auckland office located in Freeman’s Bay. Please feel free to browse through the Our Work pages to get a glimpse of what we can accomplish for you.


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