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The reach of Google AdWords is phenomenal. Over 93% of all internet searches begin with a Google search. There are very few other mediums that will allow small companies to reach such a large and widespread audience.

AdWords is not only an effective & efficient medium for advertisers, it is a lucrative revenue stream for Google, too. AdWords generated Google revenue of USD$16.9 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2015 alone!



Features of Google AdWords

Low Initial Investment
Setting up an AdWords campaign is cheap. There may be a minimal establishment fee payable to the search engine and an agency (Pure SEO, for instance). Following that, Pure SEO only charges a small management fee. Additional costs only occur when someone responds positively and clicks on your ad.

Set Your Own Budget
AdWords enables you to tailor your ads in accordance to your budget. Once you have spent that budget, your adverts will no longer be shown – you’ll never incur unexpected charges. Budgets can be amended up or down as necessary – on a weekly or even daily basis!

A Level Playing Field
With AdWords, you can compete with national and international chains on an equal footing. Your ads when developed & targeted effectively can be displayed alongside ads for larger competitors with marketing resources you would not normally be able to compete with.

Immediate Results
Although you should be wary of companies that promise immediate SEO search engine rankings, using paid products like Google AdWords are the exception to this rule. Using PPC ads, you can achieve top placements very quickly or almost immediately. What’s more, you will get results (enquiries, conversions or sales) more quickly than with natural SEO methods.

Analysis & Trackability
AdWords provides near real-time activity results. Pure SEO will track and analyse the results, and adjust the campaign on an ongoing basis to maximise your return on investment.

National & International Presence
Google AdWords reaches the vast majority of the world’s population – as the service currently serves 207 countries with the ability to sepecify locations by cities or regions across the world. Launching a targetted Google AdWords campaign, enables you to reach potential customers/clients across the globe.

Targeted Marketing
AdWords is a highly targeted and effective form of marketing. Web users entering selected keywords or search phrases already have specific search enquiry or purchase intent. PPC campaigns provide advertising that is focussed on serving those enquiries or intent with the appropriate products or services, is turning that intent into action.

Enables you to advertise to people who have already visited your site before. As they continue to browse the web, your ad will appear for a defined period of time, ensuring you stay top of mind.

You will only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert. Remarketing is a great way of building brand awareness and ensuring your website is remembered by visitors.

Google Adwords is a cost-effective method of immediately bringing targeted traffic to your website.

Pure SEO AdWords Setup

  • keyword research and selection
  • selection and implementation of negative keywords, if appropriate
  • assistance with the creation of a new Google AdWords account
    keywords are split into small, relevant groups
  • advert creation (two adverts per group to enable split-testing, (also known as A/B testing)

Pure SEO AdWords Management

  • advertisement changes in response to performance
  • addition and removal of keywords as appropriate
  • analysis of campaign using Analytics software
  • monthly reports

The team at Pure SEO has many years of experience with AdWords and can set up successful campaigns locally, nationally and globally.


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