Add to Cart: Why You Should Consider Google Shopping

Prabin     8 March 2017



Previously available in the US and across the ditch in Australia, has finally landed in New Zealand. A great opportunity for retailers and online merchants, Google Shopping is changing the e-commerce landscape, placing products right in front of the eyes of consumers who are searching for them.

Without really realising what you were looking at, you may have noticed Google Shopping in action already. Basically, these are the ads that now show up alongside traditional search results and search ads on all devices. Powered by AdWords and Google Merchant Centre, Google Shopping ads display an image of a product, accompanied by the product name, price and the name of the company it’s available from, which presents a huge opportunity for those selling things online.

If you’re considering using Google Shopping to promote your products, read on for more of the key benefits.

Sales, sales, sales: Attracting more site traffic

Consumers are much more likely to click on a product ad than a traditional pay per click (PPC) ad. A consumer who is seeing your Google Shopping ad in their search results is looking for a specific product; therefore they’re already further along in the decision-making process and much more likely phentermine to convert. Likewise, visual content plays an important role, as images are interpreted a lot faster in the consumer’s brain compared to text. When you consider the sheer bombardment of options available on the web, and how easy it is to click on to something else, it’s clear that speed matters.

Consumer’s consideration set: Be seen across devices

We know that a huge proportion of people use handheld devices for search, but there aren’t many areas where this is truer than in the realm of retail. Whether doing a quick search to compare prices, or seeing what other specifications or options are available, people use online search even when they are in a ‘bricks and mortar’ store. Whether they’re in your shop or showroom looking for a specific product, or perusing at one of your competitors, your product showing up in their online exploration process means that you instantly become a part of their consideration set.

Data for decisions: Access to competitive metrics

The more information you have, the better informed your decision-making can be, and Google Shopping provides additional information to drive your digital strategy. The analytics available through Google Shopping provide insights into your company’s competitive standing within the market. Armed with anonymous CTR and CPC metrics on your competitors you can optimise where to pitch your bids and AdWords ads to get ahead of the pack.

Measuring ROI: Better reporting features

The analytics coupled with Google Shopping allow you to view product performance metrics that are associated with a specific item. Filtering and segmenting data by product attributes, as well as by product group, means that you can meaningfully measure ROI and get a clear indication of the success of each product or category via Google Shopping.

As a Certified Google Partner, Pure SEO was one of the first agencies in New Zealand to gain access to Google Shopping when it was still in Beta mode. As a result, we have lots of experience running successful Google Shopping campaigns for a variety of e-commerce clients.

If you’re interested in driving more online sales for your business, get in touch with us for a friendly chat – just ring 0800 SEARCH!


Author: Prabin

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