Google Click-to-Call Extension Now in Australia

admin     7 April 2014



As a website owner in Australia, you can soon activate free click-to-call features for Google Search.

Why is this feature useful to my business? Because call tracking via Google drives greater response, more qualified leads, and more closed sales.

Here are some numbers if you need convincing: Google’s OurMobilePlanet research indicates that 94% of smartphone users search for local businesses on their device, many with an immediate need to call up. 54% of users do so as a direct result of their search.

Having a click-to-call extension integrated for mobile searches increases the chance that a potential customer connects to you on the spot, rather than having to navigate to your website to look up contact details there. They might lose interest in the meantime!

According to the research, local (69%), auto (60%) and tech (51%) services profit most from click-to-call, however, since 40 million calls per month are generated through Google ads in the United States alone, it is relevant to all businesses that try to attract customers.

Despite living in a highly digitalized world, a lot of customers still prefer picking up the phone to talk to a human being as opposed to conducting a purchase entirely online. Google data further suggests that the average CTR (click-through-rate) increases by 6-8%, and that the average call length of Google-forwarded calls is 6 minutes, whereby 72% of all calls last longer than 30 seconds. This is where your sales force gets a chance to close up to 20% more sales, more quickly.

A variety of extensions is available, tailored for different needs. Your ads may profit most from ‘click-to-call only’ extensions for mobile (call button), or ‘click-to-call + click-to-site’, or ‘show just the phone number’, which can be scheduled to reflect call centre hours. Call tracking can be enabled for AdWords, too.

Google provides country-specific forwarding numbers that enable calls-as-conversions, storing information about caller’s area code, call date and duration, as well as connection status. It also segments individual calls by ad group, which delivers helpful insights into comparative ad performance.

Further call tracking features will be launched in Australia (and hopefully NZ) soon. Keep checking this space for updates!

If you are interested in call extension options, we look forward to discussing your individual needs. Get in touch with us today!


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