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Discover how Kiwis engaged with Internet search in 2017 in our original research report.

Using anonymised data collected from 200 Google Analytics accounts and 548 Google AdWords accounts our 2018 Digital Marketing Report: New Zealand Internet Search Trends and Insights represents the largest ever analysis of New Zealanders’ search habits. This information will be invaluable for informing businesses’ digital marketing strategies.

Discover 30 lessons in lead generation to start boosting your lead efforts.

Generating leads is a vital business activity that needs to be thoughtfully planned. Many marketers and businesses don’t feel as if their lead generation efforts are effective. By using this guide you will learn which content generates the most leads, how to create attention grabbing offers, how to drive landing page performance and so much more.

Create landing pages that are optimised for conversions.

Landing pages have the sole purpose of collecting information that will help you market to and connect with lead prospects. By breaking down the barriers to getting this information, visitors are more likely to convert. How do you break down the barriers? Make the process as simple as possible. A well-optimised landing page that caters to its audience will convert more people. This guide will teach you how to carry out A/B testing, optimise the page to drive more traffic and improve search rankings.

Get started with the basics! Learn what SEO & SEM is all about.

In this easy guide, you’ll get the low-down on the search engine marketing landscape. Find out how search engine optimisation can increase traffic to your website and keep visitors there for longer. Better brand awareness, more content engagement and increased sales are just a few of the things you can expect from undertaking SEO.

Small Business SEO Starter Guide


Learn everything you need to know to get started with Small Business SEO.

Looking to increase online visibility for your small business and start bringing in more leads? This guide was made for you. We answer such questions as: What is the difference between Small Business SEO and Large Enterprise SEO? How do you determine your SEO budget? What tools are available for Small Business SEO? How do you tell if SEO is working?

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