How to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippet

A new feature on Google is the featured snippet that heads the search engine results page. When a web browser types in a question, such as ‘What is a featured snippet’, an answer will appear in a box. Google crawls through websites to find the best answer and places this …

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Top Tip Tuesday – Share Triggers And How They Can Help With SEO

Marketing is all about psychology. If you’re able to understand and tap into your audience’s psychology, you will be able to vastly increase the effectiveness and reach of your marketing efforts.
One way that psychology influences marketing is through share triggers. Share triggers are psychological tricks you can use to boost …

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Landing Pages Are An Indispensable Part Of Marketing

Once the bees are in the hive, you want them to turn pollen into honey, right? Any marketer will agree that the hard work doesn’t stop when your site’s attracted visitors – it’s only just begun! The next step is to convert those clicks into leads, and the best way …

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