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16 Apr 2014

It is common in past and present SEO practice to focus on one broad, high-search-volume keyword only. This is dangerous and not a sustainable strategy. Read on for more info about the future of successful SEO!

14 Apr 2014

Google has been accused of hypocrisy for ‘not providing’ keyword data of signed-in users due to “security concerns”. Google now removes the referrer query from ad clicks as well. Read the latest news!

10 Apr 2014

Halfway through March, Google rolled out its new SERP design, which features a new ad display format. We discuss the most important changes and what they mean from an SEO perspective.

9 Apr 2014

If you plan to re-design or move your website, make sure you have a moving plan in place with SEO aspects in mind. Otherwise you may experience a significant decline in traffic and rankings. Read a case study here!

7 Apr 2014

Google introduces call metrics and call-as-conversion feature to Australia. Read on if you want to learn how click-to-call extension and call conversion tracking can drive your phone sales!

2 Apr 2014

Due to rapid growth, Pure SEO has moved from their Sale Street premises into a plush open-plan studio at Pure SEO House, 1 Beaumont Street, Freemans Bay. Check out some photos here!

1 Apr 2014

On 20 March 2014, Team Pure attended the Google Partners Masterclass at the Hilton Auckland. Find out what we've learned and how that helps us to help you!

13 Mar 2014

Pure SEO has been honoured with a Certificate of Achievement by Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2013. Read about our success story and what contributes to our growth!

10 Mar 2014

The SEO Slog is the interim stage of the SEO process, during which the discrepancy between invested effort/cost vs. effective, real-time results is at its peak. Naturally, this stage is most unsatisfactory in the eyes of most clients. Read more about how we approach the SEO Slog here at Pure SEO!

20 Jan 2014

The upcoming launch of Google Glass adds another dimension to Search Engine Optimisation. Pure SEO will be leading the way to successful Glass SEO strategy in New Zealand and we will confront and discuss ground-breaking SEO ideas and opportunities in the coming months.

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