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2 Sep 2014

Email these days seems like the long lost cousin of the internet. We use it everyday, have our phones set to pull emails every 15 minutes and have every device possible connected to it so that we don’t miss a thing. However when it comes to our Search Engine marketing efforts email has been all but forgotten. While emails can’t affect Search Engine results in any way shape or form, we would like to inform you that if you are clever there are ways to use email campaigns to help along your SEO advances.

29 Aug 2014

Today at 8:51am (NZST), John Mueller of Google Webmaster Tools announced in a Google+ post that after three years, Google Authorship has been dropped from Google Search and Webmaster Tools.

Google will stop showing Authorship results in Search and will not be tracking data from content using the “rel=author” markup. This markup is what connected content to an authors profile.

20 Aug 2014

Like all young businesses, Pure SEO is always looking for opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and increase market share.

So six months ago Pure SEO joined Bartercard as part of our strategy for business growth.  We were apprehensive at first, however, with the support and networking opportunities of Bartercard we have been able to make great headway with our business strategy.

15 Aug 2014

When curiosity gets the better of you, it’s a good time to explore. We found some interesting things related to Google Plus today!

The following series of events happened while logged into my Google Account before I started my experimenting and for the duration.

Recently, while conducting a brand search in the Google search bar, Google suggest naturally started suggesting and showing topics/words that I could be looking for or interested in.

6 Aug 2014

 There is one main reason to go mobile - be where your customer is always, be easily findable and of course give your customer what they want. Do this and your conversion rate will increase.

31 Jul 2014

Company blogging is good practise, but if you're not going to put the effort in we recommend you invest your time elsewhere. Use your blog to express your opinion and showcase your expertise on a subject and your industry. Be a thought leader.  With effort comes quality and this really reflects in readership.

23 Jul 2014

Firstly, get over the thoughts of Link Building just for the sake of getting links. This method is getting old and to put it plainly Google is going to nip it in the bud - completely. For the sake of marketing your business, think of link building as marketing your brand. Build your brand with good quality content, focus on promoting your content on social media, relevant press releases and  make your presence known.


Growing your brand's online exposure and your reputation should be your number one goal, everything else will follow!

15 Jul 2014

Today we will take a look at some key tips for local search success. Marketing is a hot topic for many small to medium business owners. Quite often amongst everything else that needs to be focused on a daily basis, the forever changing internet and abundance of options that come with it gets overwhelming.

Today we will demystify local search and lead you on a path to success.

10 Jul 2014

These days it's all about finding quality and relevant sites who can provide a mention, a share, who can drive traffic and sales to your site. These sites are strategic, industry specific and are more focused on telling the right story that fits in with their part to play in the industry.

At the end of the day link building is all about people, find the right person, connect, build rapport and invest in growing an ongoing relationship. Hopefully this will work out and you get your desired link.

26 Jun 2014

Google My Business is a new tool setting out to help small to medium businesses connect easily with their customers online. It’s a simple tool whereby you can access all of your Google apps in one place. It runs like a one stop shop where you can access Google+, Insights, Reviews, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Maps and you can even start a hangout.

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