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Appearing on the first page in Google’s search results is a key marketing strategy for many companies. In reality, only few businesses achieve that goal for their target keywords. Those who do have implemented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).   

As a company owner, you may believe in the old saying ‘build it and they will come’, expecting your shiny new website to bring in new visitors and sales immediately. However, you may be disappointed when the expected flood of new website enquiries fails to materialise.    

Here is a common analogy for Search Engine Optimisation:

Imagine you are organising an event: you book the hall, decorate it, arrange a premium caterer. But on the day of the event, no one turns up – because you forgot to send out invitations!

Search Engine Optimisation can be likened to sending out invitations to your event/website. Pure SEO are your search engine experts. We exclusively offer specialist, result-driven search engine marketing services. 

If you wish to increase the number of target group clicks on your website, you have come to the right place. Come and visit your SEO specialists at Pure SEO’s Auckland CBD studio:

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16 Sep 2014

When Siri appeared in 2011, whilst she was met with some scepticism, other smart phone users watched iPhone users with jealousy, wondering when they would get their own version of Siri, or similar to play with.

In 2013, a survey showed 91% of the population own some sort of cell phone, and of this 91%, smart phones take up a large 61%. Maybe it’s this significant percentage, but Google and Microsoft now have platforms that can rival Apple in voice search.

12 Sep 2014

These days there seems to be an “i” everything; iMac, iPod, iPod iTouch, iTunes, iLife, iWork, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and now iBeacon. 

Bluetooth technology now has another use. Introducing Apples iBeacon. iBeacon is the application of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to provide location based information services to devices within the proximity of the sensor. The technology is launched with iOS7 and works with iPhone 4s and onwards, as well as the iPad 3, Mini & Touch. The same BLE technology is also compatible with the Android 4.3 and onwards.

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